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  VIRTUES AND VALUES - Starts with Me - Colouring book.

The Colour me Creative Tool is to inspire you to CREATE your own.


Let your creativity shine and experience the specialness of the virtues and the powerful words on each page that children will bring into their daily lives.

There are lots of ways to create.

You can use pencils, pastels, and crayons, spray bottles of colour, glitter and whatever you can imagine.

Creativity is not all about colouring inside the lines.

Be daring, let your growth mindset help you to take risks with creativity, give something different a go.

You can choose to colour outside the lines and use the white space; you create your own creativity rules.

What colour hair would you like?

What colour skin?

What will you write or draw in the white space?

Could the hair be different, could you add to the hair style"?

Do you think a nose would be fun? What shape?

Take time to feel the peace and calm as you mindfully create.

Colouring can help you to sharpen your focus, awareness and attention.

Notice the words on the page, notice the colours you choose, notice the way you are holding your pencil, and notice the sounds from colouring in and how your hand flows.

This noticing helps you to be present and appreciate all that you have right here and now.

Creativity starts with YOU!

Above all, have fun!

Enjoy the Growth,


Colour Me Creative Tool.pdf